New Ownership

Mountain Sport Under New Ownership

Hi everyone!

So having taken over the ownership/management of this site a month ago I have been diving in getting to know the ropes and making some exciting changes. The goal being to make the site as easy to navigate as possible leading to a better browsing experience for you! At least that is the idea.

I will be building on the page, knocking out some irrelevant gear which can be found lurking about currently (world globes for 9K anyone?) and building up on the quality outdoor equipment that we all want to have.  The ‘Outdoor Life’ and ‘Snow Sports’ drop down menus are already beginning to come together nicely.

With the changing seasons and the not great winter we have been having I have been bringing in Climbing, Hiking and Camping gear. There is already a lot of great things about, I am a big fan of these piste lens cloths gimmicky with a touch of genius. Nice….. not so nice, this link isn’t working. (thinks what have I done wrong?) well just type it into the search bar for now. I’ll get back to working on the link.

I am personally big into skiing and love all forms of outdoor activities hiking, climbing, camping, you name it. I will be bringing my knowledge in with me using it to create informative blogs and helpful descriptions. I will do my best anyway!

Will be sorting out the mailing list and getting some deals on soon so watch this space! Meantime you can always follow us on Facebook under, here’s a shocker, Mountain Sport.

Thanks for reading and will get back to you in the future!