Vaude Mark 3P Tent

Vaude Mark 3P Tent



Product Description

The Vaude Mark 3P Tent is a lightweight spacious and sturdy 4 season tent that is fast and easy to pitch making it ideal for up to 3 people going mountaineering and trekking The design of this tent is a ridge tunnel offers an incredibly stable and space saving construction and this combined with its Mark design means that setting up this tent is incredibly quick and easy thanks to the way that the elastic cording is wrapped around the self-supporting DAC aluminium poles meaning that you can choose your pitch and get your tent up in record fast time what could be better after a long day hiking The Vaude Mark 3P Tent has a siliconized outer in order to offer a longer lifespan excellent UV reflection and superior water beading while maintaining its lightweight properties It also features two entrances each with porches to be able to keep your gear while the design of this Mark 3P has allowed for excellent ventilation through a window vent that can be adjusted from the inside and the use of fine mesh on the inner tent that will encourage water vapour to pass through to minimise condensation making this a fantastic lightweight 3 person backpacking tent

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